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Is there such a thing as a gender-neutral interior? I believe so, but for someone like me who has such a feminine flair when it comes to interior design, achieving a decor that is equally boy and girl-friendly is quite a challenge. Two weeks ago, I moved in with my boyfriend and I’m in the process of figuring out a ...

Parisian Elegance

A great mix of old architecture and modern design and furnishings. Source: Inspirefirst

Light And Dark

This London house is the definition of eclecticism: the color scheme is light and soft, than becomes dark and edgy; one room looks traditional and the next has an industrial feel. The result is quite inviting, which is proof that in decorating, everything is permitted, as long as it's done with flair and the right balance. Source: Living etc.

Un refuge en ville

Cette charmante demeure aux accents rustiques est située en plein coeur de Madrid, en Espagne. Les heureux propriétaires disposent d'un sublime jardin extérieur qui favorise la détente, lorsque vient le temps d'échapper au rythme trépidant du centre-ville. Source : Nuevo Estilo

Old Charm

It always feels wonderful to come back to this blog, especially when it has been a long time. Don't worry, I'm not giving up Soft & Chic; life has simply been a bit more hectic than usual these past few weeks, in a good way. I apologize if I haven't been able to post inspiring décors for a while. To ...

Dans mes rêves…

...j'ai une maison semblable à celle-ci. Dans la réalité, cette majestueuse demeure appartient à une designer de luminaires new-yorkaise ; Michelle James. Cette maison située à Brooklyn et datant de 1890 contient un indéniable charme antique grâce à son architecture détaillée tout en saluant l'ère moderne par sa déco aux lignes épurées. Les murs tout de blanc forment un cadre ...


Fall... That time of the year when it feels ok to get cozy and kind of lazy... Well it's back. I realized it yesterday while I was strolling outside; the sky was blue, the sun was shining and yet the air was cold. So I wore my favorite black leather boots and my beige trench coat. Fall is back already, ...

Contemporary Elegance

Slick straight lines, shades of gray and white, a pretty minimalist approach with a mix of materials, furniture style, textures and patterns; this Sidney, Australia house definitely has all the ingredients it takes to create a tasteful and inviting contemporary home. Source: Est Magazine

Spanish Mix

A lovely mix of inspiring rooms I found on a Spanish interior design magazine's website: Nuevo Estilo. Enjoy!   Source: Nuevo Estilo

You Gotta Fight For Your Right… To Decorate!

Who knew Mike D of the Beastie Boys had such refined tastes when it comes to interior design? His Brooklyn, NY townhouse, although displaying edgy elements in some rooms, showcases a soft, comfortable and elegant design style. Perhaps his wife, Tamra Davis, has something do to with that... Source: The New York Times

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