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Chic californien

Facile de tomber sous le charme de cette maison de Los Angeles. Le plafond cathédral vertigineux, les poutres de bois et le mur de briques exposés, les tons clairs et apaisants de blanc, gris, lavande et bleu, tous des éléments qui contribuent à rendre cet espace agréable et aérien. De plus, la pièce principale représente un bel exemple d’aménagement ...

Edgy Elegance

I love this place. Not only was the owner able to make his masculine space look both elegant and classy but he also managed to make the 600-square-foot loft look bigger with a clever layout and well-chosen furniture. With its good-sized sectional sofa and bed, this decor is the proof that small spaces don’t have to imply the use of ...

Small Spaces – Part 3

The proof that it is possible to live large in a small space. Can you believe this New York apartment is only 400-square-foot? A neutral color palette dominated by white, an ingenious use of the space, convenient sized furniture, some wood to warm up the room and voilà: the result is as functional as it is beautiful. Source : Here

A Cheery Loft

I had seen this interior a long time ago in Rue Magazine, but I came upon it again today and thought the decor and pops of color were so cheery and summery that I had to share it on my blog. This place truly reflects its owner, the adorable Bri Emery, Art director at Rue Magazine. Source: Bonnie Tsang Photography

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