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Cette demeure familiale scandinave, décorée simplement mais avec soin et avec goût, m'inspire le calme et la paix : l'endroit tout indiqué pour faire la grasse matinée, bouquiner et traîner par un jour de pluie. Source : Lovely Life

New Classic

There is something so beautiful about this classic Australian home. Although I'm usually drawn to light accent colors, the dark chocolate brown wood that is everywhere - on the floor, on the furniture, on the doors, on cabinetry - makes the space look uniquely elegant. But even with a classic architecture, heavy crown moulding and distinguished accessories such as the ...


L'art de recevoir... Source : Nicole Franzen

Feeling Blue

I admit (and I'm sure you've noticed by now) that I'm often attracted to rooms decorated with very light colors but it doesn't mean that I can't appreciate lots of color in a decor, especially when it's very well used. I think it's the case with this master suite: the turquoise paint applied on the walls is vivacious and well ...

Chez soi

Un amalgame d'espaces de vie qui ont en commun le fait que leurs propriétaires respectifs ont su en faire des havres de paix personnalisés où il fait bon vivre. Source : The Selby


Sometimes, the simplest things are the most reassuring and the prettiest. This decor is minimalist, light and uncomplicated in a very appealing way. In this context, the white walls and the honey coloured wood floor make a statement. No bookcases needed; the books and magazines just lay on the floor in piles. The walls stand empty as the framed artwork ...

New York City View

When you live in Manhattan, there's nothing better after a long work day than going home to an apartment with floor-to-ceiling windows in a high-rise building and simply enjoy the New York City view. This Upper West Side modern apartment belongs to Lonny Magazine Editor in Chief, Michelle Williams. It is incredibly bright and decorated with an eclectic mix of ...

Edgy Elegance

I love this place. Not only was the owner able to make his masculine space look both elegant and classy but he also managed to make the 600-square-foot loft look bigger with a clever layout and well-chosen furniture. With its good-sized sectional sofa and bed, this decor is the proof that small spaces don’t have to imply the use of ...

Un bijou

Féminine, élégante, douillette, la demeure de la créatrice de bijoux Samantha Wills, qui lui sert également d'atelier, est un lieu inspirant, à la fois glamour et apaisant. Source : The Glitter Guide

My Place

A while ago, I told you about a photoshoot I had at my place, in the condo where I live in the city of Montreal, with my longtime friend, who also happens to be a wonderful photographer, Vanessa Leclair. We did this photoshoot because I wanted to capture and share with you the ambiance and style of the space I've ...

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